Friday, May 18, 2018

About This Blog

This, my first post here, is my second actual blog post.  My first ever post was published by Jessica Kinglsey Publishers yesterday (17th May 2018) to coincide with the release of the book I compiled, PDA by PDAers.  Thus inspired, I decided to open a Blogger account (behold!) to continue posting.

So having overcome my Demand Avoidance against blog-writing and become a blogger (how I hate labels!) I have excitedly gone into hyper-focus mode and scattily planned this blogsite (is that a word?) in my head.  It will, I have decided, serve several functions:

1) Act as an encyclopedia of PDA (from my perspective)

2) Be a library for my graphic memes.  They are currently only published in full on my Facebook page, which is not searchable. I am planning to organise them by theme in this blogsite to make relevant ones easier to find.

3) Give me a platform in which to opine about PDA in greater detail than the available space on my graphic memes allows.

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