Memes About PDA

Understand child PDAers by talking to adult PDAers

Impact of lack of PDA awareness

Positive descriptions of PDA children

Common PDA traits

If you tell me I'm wrong (hating criticism)

PDA being dismissed

Rainbow hope: PDA positive potential

Accept nonconformity

Introverted PDA

Common PDA traits

Squiggle shaped peg

Attitude to stuff

The more you restrict me, the less I will shine

PDAers are brilliant

PDA exists

PDA: basic description

Emotional effects of Demand Avoidance

Not manipulative
I'm not "with PDA" (no identify first language for me!)

PDA Olympics

General PDA description

PDA traits compared to/combined with other autism spectrum profiles

PDA car

PDA description/traits list

Why I hate the phone

Poem about my contrariness

Unique PDA potential

PDAers are gifts society hasn't yet learned to unwrap

PDA is not a lifestyle choice

Professionals: please listen to us

Nothing about us without us

PDA = not a mental illness + list of traits

PDA is a glorious bubble of freedom

PDA new ideas


Cause and effect

Toll of self-alienation

Angel devil

Not like aspies


Don't need to be cured

Do autistics never deceive?

Defused bomb

Did you know?

Discovery of PDA

PDA is not an excuse

We exist

Damage of dismissal

Eye contact



Happy as me

Drive for justice


I love PDA

We don't fit, but are great

Should I be punished?

Irony of control-seeking

Kick ass me

Are we lazy?

Please let us fly

Life long developmental condition

Life without PDA

Little mouse

Avoiding music

PDA anatomy

Eight myths

Vulnerable species

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  1. Thank you Sally Cat, for being brave and putting your thoughts and feelings and insight into PDA out there. It helps a lot to know I'm not alone.